Angie Gorr’s High Rep Interval Training System

This unique workout system will literally shred the fat and leave you lean and fit – FAST! This HRIT workout format increases muscle endurance, and boosts your metabolism so you burn more fat AFTER THE WORKOUT IS OVER. This post calorie burn will help you lose weight much faster than other types of workouts. The exercises consist of Interval Training, High-Reps and Innovative, yet easy-to-follow moves. This system contains one of the Best Workout DVDs on the Market today!

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Angie’s HRIT System Includes…

Customized Workouts

  • Three Workout DVDS & 15 Complete Calorie-Blasting Workouts
  • 40 Mix & Match Exercise Segments to Create a Custom Workout at Your Level
  • 205 Minutes of Total Body Exercises Specifically Designed to Shred Fat


10-Step Nutrition Guide

  • Angie’s Personal Top 10 Diet Secrets to Lose Weight & Keep It Off
  • Motivational Tips to Get You Started and Help You Stick With It
  • Quick, Easy-to-Follow Instruction

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Workout Calendar

  • 30-Day DVD Workout Schedule to Get You Moving
  • Customized Schedule for Each Level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Exercisers

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